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Do you have any pets?

I have kids. Do they count? They're small and furry and leave crumbs everywhere. But I also have waaaayy too many fish. Right now I have four fishtanks. Growing up, I had many dogs and cats, two bunnies, several hampsters, two anole lizards, and only one fishtank.

Where are you from?

That's a complicated question. I was born in California. I live in Texas right now, but I've lived in eight different states, as well as on the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean. My parents were semi-nomads, and moved a lot.

Will you illustrate my book?

Maybe! I work for publishers, not authors. So if your publisher contacts me maybe I will work on your book! Unfortunately, I just don't really have the time for personal or self-published projects right now.

Will you visit my school?

Ask your librarian! I can visit some schools in-person, and some schools I visit by video.

How did you get to be an illustrator/writer?

Practice! If you practice something a lot, you get better and better at it. I have a section on my website just for people who want to draw or write. Check out the for illustrators and for writers pages. I liked to read and draw from the time I was a


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