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Presentations vary by age of the students, but focus on the adventure of reading, creativity, research, revision, story and writing elements. These sessions are interactive and engaging, and Jen is able to adjust her programs to meet the specific need of your school or library. Jen also does interactive drawing demos and exercises with the kids. 

Presentations by Grade Level: 

K/1st: 25-30 minutes of story time, how a book is created, drawing activities and Q & A.
2/3rd: 35-45 minutes of what makes a story, book creation, basic revision, drawing demo, and Q & A.
4/5/6th: 45-50 minutes interactive presentation on book creation from idea to finished product, research, editing and revision, writing and drawing tips, and Q & A.

For older students, writing or drawing workshops are available on a variety of topics: brainstorming, revision, using mentor texts, composition, etc. 

While Jen can do large group presentations, she highly recommends they are limited to one or two grades at a time - it is easier to keep the kids engaged when the information is targeted to their level. Typically meeting with a single class at a time is the most rewarding for the kids!  

Virtual Visits:

Cost: $200 per session. $700 for a full-day of 3 sessions, virtual lunch with a small group, and a virtual book signing. 

In-Person Visits:

Currently Jen is offering in-person visits within 65 miles of Frisco, TX (max 90 min drive). Visits cost $500 for a half-day (two sessions), and $800 for a full-day in-person visit that includes 3 sessions, lunch with kids, and a book signing.  

Once a booking is confirmed, Jen will send flyers, forms and information for book ordering, and tips for a successful visit. Please contact her directly at jenbetton at gmail dot com.

Book Orders: 

Personalized, signed books can be ordered through Jen's local bookstore, Interabang books, or through Express Booksellers. Jen provides the book forms. Once the orders are complete and book forms have been returned to me, Jen can visit the bookstore to personalize the books, and bring them with her for the visit, or the supplier will ship them to your school at no additional cost. 

Interabang Books

5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 142 

Dallas, TX 75209

Jule Maxwell 

Express Booksellers

Don't have the budget? Check this webpage here if you want ideas and resources for funding a school visit! 

If you are a low-income school, Jen does offer a limited number of free or reduced-cost video messages that you can read about here.

Click Here to Download Flyer and Event Poster (coming soon)

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