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1. Draw, practice, persist

2. Look at the kind of work you want to do - read, read, read

3. Find people who do what you are doing and find out how they got there 

4. Find a community of like-minded, dedicated people

5. Give and receive thoughtful critique 



Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulevitz

Picture This! by Molly Bang 

Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines 

Imaginative Realism by James Gurney

Color and Light by James Gurney

Framed Ink - book on composition and storytelling

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way - book on composition and storytelling 



Highlights Foundation

SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

  • I wrote a 6 part series about illustrating a picture book in a series of posts here

  • I wrote several posts about creating a children's book portfolio here

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