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For schools with restricted budgets Jen does offer a limited number free or reduced-cost, personalized, recorded visits. This is a lower-priced alternative to live visits, and also far easier for Jen to schedule into her work day.

A limited number of free visits are available to educators who have shared one or more of Jen's books with their students prior to the visit. These are usually for low-income schools. Jen also does a few free presentations as part of WRAD (World Read Aloud Day) in February, which are open to everyone until her schedule is full. 


1) Educator shares Jen's book(s) with the students. There are a variety of activities and classroom materials available on her website here. Students are far more engaged and excited about a visit if they are familiar with Jen's work.

2) Educator sends Jen a list of 
student questions, and can also send photos or videos of students or their artwork if they choose (depending on length of videos, Jen may not be able to fully view all videos in the free visit option). Or if students are just showing their work, let Jen know the context ("they were inspired by Jen's book Hedgehog Needs a Hug" etc.).

3) Jen will respond to the entire group to create one 2-3 minute video, answering as many of the questions as she can in that timeframe, or commenting on the group's work as a whole. 

4) Jen will post the video as a private YouTube video link, which will be available for two weeks, and then removed. Please do not share this video outside of your class. Jen can also share this as a Flip Short, if the educator is familiar with that program. 

Q. Are these live visits?
A. No, Jen will record a video specifically for you and your students. This video will be posted as a private YouTube video or Flip Short, and Jen will send you the link. For Jen live visits, please see this page. 

Q. May I share the video publicly?
A. No. These videos are solely for you and the students who asked questions or shared their artwork.

Q. What is involved in PAID YouTube/Flip recordings and how much do they cost?
A. Paid recorded visits can include overhead drawing demos and drawing/writing activities, Jen's responses to individual students (or several small groups etc). All interactions from Jen will be in video recordings, and fee is based roughly on amount of time Jen is expected to spend watching/creating videos; please contact here to inquire. Fees begin at $150 and up.

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